Air Conditioning in Cars and Industrial Vehicles

Passenger Vehicles

Now Providing 1234YF for Your A/C

Fraser Valley Radiators has experience with nearly every type of air conditioning on the market. Decades spent repairing the spectrum of air conditioning units in Langley cars, trucks, vans and SUV's means we don't have to spend valuable time getting up-to-speed on the systems that come into our shop.

We recognize, and know how to address, common problems right away. And we continually upgrade our tools and technology in our Langley location, fixing the air conditioning issues in your passenger vehicle efficiently, with long term durability.

New HFO-1234YF Refrigerant

Fraser Valley Radiator is now equipped to service vehicles using 1234YF refrigerant. If your vehicle uses the new HFO-1234YF as it's air conditioning refrigerant we are one of few local providers offering this new service.

Industrial Vehicles

Air conditioning problems in heavy equipment result in reduced productivity, which trickles down to the bottom line. Temperature elevation due to weak or faulty air conditioning can even become a safety issue. If your operators are trying to focus on the task at hand while their glass encased cab is heating up more and more every minute, they will eventually become unhappy and will struggle to do their job properly.

Fraser Valley Radiators visits your job site promptly with our mobile AC service, featuring a fully outfitted service truck driven by a technician who has more than two decades of experience working on a wide spectrum of heavy and off-road equipment. We'll meet you wherever you are, from North Vancouver to Hope, getting your employees back to working conditions that encourage them to excel.