Radiator Services - Langley, Surrey & the Fraser Valley

Radiator installation

Radiator Repairs

Repairs that make sense.

If a retail customer notices they have coolant dripping from their radiator, they often assume right away that they need a new one. However, we can usually save that customer $100 on the spot by repairing a radiator that may only have a minor pin-hole that can be soldered. Fraser Valley Radiators welds and solders leaking and damaged radiators in passenger vehicles as well as heavy duty, industrial equipment.

Radiator Recoring

For some older model vehicles, refurbishing their current radiator is the best solution. We take the centre portion of the radiator out and replace it. When we’re finished, the radiator is like new again, which is often the best quality option for vintage vehicles, in particular.

Custom Built Radiators

Fraser Valley Radiators works with copper and brass to build any type of custom radiator our Langley clients require. For decades we’ve built radiators for classic and custom car enthusiasts in Surrey, Cloverdale and Langley. If you’re restoring a car to its original design, building a hot rod or modifying a vehicle in any way, we can build the perfect radiator to fit your needs.

Classic Car Radiator

New Radiators

Sometimes it's immediately apparent that a new radiator is the best option for your Langley vehicle. We stock all of the most common radiators for passenger vehicles and off-road equipment as well as a substantial number of rarer models. Every radiator we sell is a high quality product that fits OE applications. Because we've been in the industry since the 1970's in Langley, we know the products on the market very well and only install radiators that meet rigorous durability and performance standards.

Pressure Testing

Mysteries are riveting on TV, but nobody appreciates a mystery when it comes to a problem with their vehicle. That's why Fraser Valley Radiators offers free pressure testing in our Langley shop, identifying mystery leaks right away and coming up with efficient, long term solutions to the problem. If you are unsure what's happening to your cooling system, contact us right away so we can clear things up for you.